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$225 cobbled with steel clincher nails
Traditional Lord/Lady of the Rings
Your choice of half-soles and heels


 $375 saddle-stitched    Autum Lord/Lady of the Rings has no strap
between the toes

Honey Vibram Full sole    All sandals have a 10 year guarantee
for fit & finish

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Custom-built entirely
by my hands for your feet

Modelling Davy's Sandals Best

Build your own LOTRs 

full tannery8 (1)

Top-grain vegetable tanned cowhide harness leather
is used for straps, insoles & midsoles

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Most of the photos with feet in them are taken at the wet-fitting so feet have not yet stretched the arch straps and moved forward, closer to the front.

Pat Lim's sandals

1977 LOTRs - ready for replacement straps


Sheet bend knot - learn to tie it!

"Thanks Davy! They are still on my feet as I wander the garden, hang the wash, trim the bushes and now have lunch. They are a very special addition to my day. Thank you for mastering your artistry!" GP  7/2014

"Everyone is amazed and loves my sandals, good work Davy."  CO  8/2014

"I receive complements on them almost every time I wear them. They became my regular casual slip-ons and I've really taken a lot of pleasure in them."  DF  9/2014

"They look great! I love how they turned out!"  KK  10/2014

‘Thank you Davy, for your beautiful craftsmanship.  I know my gorgeous custom change pouch will give me so much pleasure for many years to come.  Each time I use it I will be reminded of you and my very special holiday on Pender Island.’  Anne – Maple Bay, BC  7/2015

“We’re showing off our beautiful sandals to others who are interested.”  J & MH  7/2015

"Your sandals are a hit with my dentist, and he is a mormon.”   JS  4/2016

"I find when the weather is fine they're all I wear. I love them!”  AF  4/2016

"I love my sandals and my purse and my pouch and my key lanyard, and my keyring and my bracelet. Thank you thank you thank you :)”   JS  5/2016

“Saddle soaped and dubbed my sandals. They look great!”  JS  5/2016  

"So kind. Thank you so much! I love this Sandalmaker.”  BS  6/2016

"I have saddle-soaped and dubbined my sandals about 6 times.  The strap stretched a couple inches and I trimmed it down.  I love them, my only observation is my feet have distinctive tan lines."  JS  7/2016

"Thanks again for the beautiful sandals, it was nice to spend that time with you.  I've worn them all afternoon!  My toes just have to get used to having a wedge between them, and all else feels fine."  RM  7/2016

"I have them on and they feel pretty good.”  SM  5/2017

μὴ κρίνῃ ὁ σκυτεὺς ἔξω τοῦ ὑποδήματος - “Let a cobbler not judge beyond the sandal”  

Pliny the Elder 23 – 79 AD - Natural History XXXV, 85

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“The foot is at such high risk for injury largely because it has so many small, frangible parts -- 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendons, ligaments, and muscles, any of which can fail.”

Gretchen Reynolds  Unhappy Feet  The New York Times  Sep 11, 2008

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IMG 1247IMG 5398IMG 1234IMG 1235

The importance of saddle-soaping and dubbin - how to apply them

Tanning methods and the danger of using chromium-tanned leathers

Repairs, Soles & Heels Replacement

Saddlers Spokeshaves

Head knives, skivers

20160615 101020~2
IMG 0086
Blue ribbon new sandal design
IMG 0980
IMG 1321

Keep your sandals going for year after year after year
Repairs, Soles & Heels Replacement

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IMG 1455
IMG 1651
P1160300 IMG 5233
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IMG 3778
IMG 5391
IMG 5394
Robb's 2nd
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IMG 0657 (1)
IMG 3664
IMG 0191
IMG 1326
IMG 1322IMG 1454
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Anne Hagarty
IMG 1995 IMG 1996

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Saddle-stitched w/honey Vibram sole & P&P ⅜” latigo straps
ready for final fitting    $350

20170608 210132-4

Orthopaedic design has forefront-trimmed-fleece padding and 7/8 oz harness cowhide slim straps & saddle-stitched insoles & outsoles with Italian Vibram half-soles and medium heels
ready for final fitting    $325

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Summer Solstice LOTR ready to be wet-fitted

LOTR hybrid 1

Hybrid Saddle-stitched LOTR on the Test Course

"Hello! Just found your page and LOVE your Lord of the Ring original style sandals."   JB  9/2016

"Davy, those sandals are works of art!  I love reading about your process and the history of the materials."   MP  9/2016

"Thanks Davy.  I have them on and they feel pretty good."   SM 5/2017

"I wore the first pair you made for me to a  costume /art competition and I'm convinced they were an integral part of the reason we won second prize :-)    People were very impressed  with them.”   OT 5/2017 

“You dont’ have to be Jesus to walk 10 km in Davy’s sandals.  I walked from Sydney to the airport yesterday and I’m putting them on again today for a walk.”   SA  6/2017

The entire epidermal layer of your skin turns over every forty-eight days

New York KikaNY Leatherdesign

Vermont Rilleau Leather 

Fine Leatherworking  page on Leathersmithe sandal-making guide

Mexican Huaraches



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